Wineglass Marathon Training: Month 1

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July, everyone!  This wonderful day off from work has given me a chance to stop neglecting ye olde blog.

The first month of training for Wineglass is in the books and I actually haven’t messed it up too bad.  I’ll probably update more frequently as the training gets more interesting; the first month was essentially base building with the addition of some speed work.

Speaking of, let me bring you up to speed on what I’ve got planned for the 18 weeks leading up to Wineglass.

The Plan

I bounced back and forth between Pfitzinger’s 18/55, Hal Higdon’s Advanced 1, and my old running group’s coach’s plan (something seems weird about that grammatically but I haven’t had coffee yet, so go with it, ok?).  I know a ton of people have had great results from the Pfitz plans and I enjoyed reading the book, but for right now, it’s not a great fit for my lifestyle.  I plan on using his guidance for pacing different types of runs, but my actual plan is more of a mesh of Higdon’s advanced and my old coach’s plan.

Y'know, just some light recreational reading.

Y’know, just some light recreational reading.

Nothing earth shattering here – it breaks out like this:

M: Base run | Tu: Speed | W: Base run | Th: Base Run | F: Base Run | Sat: Long run | Sun: rest

The first month was about getting my base runs up from 30-45 minutes to 45-60 minutes (or, 3-5 miles to 5-7 miles) and I am pretty much there.  I will try to start increasing them as the cycle continues (as my overall goal aside from this race is to get to a 90 minute base run, or ~10 miles by next year), understanding that I can always drop back to a 45-60.  I also have some plan MP (marathon pace) runs on Fridays, similar to Higdon’s plan.  The idea there is that if I can do ’em, great!  If not, just keep the pace easy.  Flexibility is really key for me – I need to give myself permission to tune in to what my body is telling me and not push it too hard on one run just for the sake of that one run.  Running a good marathon in the fall doesn’t come down to any one particular run – it’s the cumulative training.  Staying injury free is the most important thing to me.

The estimated weekly mileage builds like this:

32 / 34 / 28 / 37
40 / 35 / 44 / 47
41 / 50 / 55 / 48
59 /43 / 63 / 57

Then taper.  Then BQ.  Right?  Right.

There are some scary numbers in there but I’m excited.  If you want to check out the entire plan, you can do so here.

The Running Group

I talked before about the running group I joined last year.  It was a great group and I know I became a stronger runner from being in the group, but originally, I didn’t have plans to join up with them again this year.  It had nothing to do with any of the people or the coaches, it was more of a scheduling issue – the times and locations of the practices are not very convenient for me.  I figured I could do speed work and long runs on my own, and that I’d get through it ok without them.

Then I went to the track.

I decided to run some 800s as an easy way to get back in to track work.  I pushed, but never to the point of real discomfort.  I downloaded my splits after the workout, and realized I just ran a bunch of 800s at about 5k pace.  WHOOPS!  I saw the coach of the running group at the Swamp Rat 10k that weekend; he came over to say hi and I think the first words out of my mouth were “I want to come back can I come back please.”

At the track.

At the track.

I’m really happy to be back with the group; having fast people to chase on the track, and trying to not get caught by other fast people is really the psychological impetus I need to really push myself.  I definitely think this was the right call and will help me immensely come October.

What’s Gone Down Already

So, as I said at the start, I’m one month into training and all is going fairly well.  I’ve been consistently logging workouts on DailyMile if you’d like to super creep my training.  I’ll pop in here to update if anything super amazing or super terrible happens.  For now, here’s a breakdown of the past month:

Week of 6/3:  32 total miles, one shitty track workout, 10mi long run

Week of 6/10: 35 total miles, 11ish mile long run

Week of 6/17: 27 total miles, one awesome track workout

Week of 6/24: 39 total miles, one decent track workout, 14mi long run

This week should be around 40 miles as well, then next week is a small cutback/taper for the Boilermaker!  I’m very excited for this race and hopeful I can pull out a PR.  If not, I will attempt to PR in beer consumption at the finish line.  Then it’s back to the grind!  Onward and upward.


6 Responses to “Wineglass Marathon Training: Month 1”

  1. jenbigham July 4, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    Your training looks great and I totally see a BQ for you! I know what you mean about run groups. They are SO good for us, but almost always inconvenient. I run so much faster when I train with others so I try to make it work when I can. I definitely make it work when I’m feeling unmotivated!!

    I’m so sad I never ran Boilermaker! I will have to make it to that race in the next few years. I hear it’s killer and awesome at the same time! Good luck!

    • upstaterunner July 5, 2013 at 10:14 am #

      Aw thanks so much Jen! That means a lot. You should definitely try to get to the Boilermaker at some point – even though I admittedly haven’t run a ton of races, it is definitely my favorite. It’s certainly not a flat course, but I think it’s still conducive to a fast time. Plus the crowd support is just amazing! It’s really a great race.

  2. HollieisFueledByLOLZ July 7, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    I want to get to the Boilermaker too in some life. LOL. Anyways have you read the “New rules of marathon and half marathon nutrition” by Matt Fitzgerald? It’s a really great book (newish) and I would def recommend it. It’s got some great marathon plans too.

    I agree about running groups. As much as I know I’d benefit from one…it’s so inconvenient for me to actually get there,

    • upstaterunner July 11, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

      I have not but I will check it out! And yes, eventually we should have a big Boilermaker reunion. Because it is such a great race.

  3. Laura July 10, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    1. you’re awesome
    2. I’m going to be partially following a Pfitz plan as well for wineglass
    3. We need to have a shenanagins run ASAP
    4. I’m so pumped to see how well you do at boilermaker, your speedworkouts are seriously going to pay off.
    5. Um. Um. Um. We need to figure out our road trip plan for november to NYC!

    • upstaterunner July 11, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

      Is it weird that I’m just as excited about roadtripping down for NYC than I am for running my own marathon?! But YES we do need to figure this out. Hopefully once you get done rocking your 70.3 and I get back from work travel we can figure out some long run adventures and talk about it more then!

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