Next Steps

31 Mar

In a perfect world, I would have recovered from Shamrock in no time and jumped right back into training.

Sayings like “capitalize on the fitness you have” and “it’s just a 26.2 mile long run” were in my head.

Unfortunately, the body isn’t really playing along with my plans.  My hip bothered me early on in the marathon, and I think at that point I knew that my plans for Buffalo were in danger.

You are a cute shirt, but you are also kind of a lie.

You are a cute shirt, but you are also kind of a lie.

I went to PT to get my hip looked at – I was convinced it was bursitis, and that maybe a cortisone injection would have me back on my feet ASAP.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any type of medical degree, and apparently diagnosing your symptoms via WebMD or Runner’s World is not equivalent to seeing an educated, licensed professional.  Huh, imagine that.

Diagnosis: it’s my good ol’ IT band that is acting up again (I had full blown ITBS prior to my first marathon, my hips/glutes/IT are always problematic for me) and my PT gave me a pretty good verbal beat down.  No, I haven’t been doing the strengthening exercises I should be doing.  No, I haven’t been doing the stretches I should be doing.  No, I am not surprised I’m suffering from some sort of IT band related injury.

I tried to run through it last week, putting in 4-5 miles a day and religiously stretching/icing/etc, but I don’t see any real improvement.  So, I’m putting myself on a 1-week running ban and I’ll reevaluate next Monday.  I feel pretty confident I can clear this issue up myself, but if not, I’ll put my poor hip in the hands of my extremely capable PT and see what happens from there.

My new best friends.

My new best friends.

The next 7 days will be spent diligently rolling, sticking, icing, strengthening, stretching, and cross-training.  With a side of romantic power-ballads, in hopes that my hip can forgive me.

And after all that we’ve been through
I will make it up to you
I promise you

And after all that’s been said and done
You’re just a part of me I can’t let go

Ahem.  So where does that leave me with Buffalo?  Well, it’s very likely I’ll step down to the half.  I can feel spring in the air, and I don’t want to be injured and unable to run once the weather starts turning.  And honestly?  It’s kind of refreshing to think about just going out to run – whatever distance, whatever pace, no pressure to put in a certain amount of miles.  I think it will put me in a better spot both physically and mentally to just do my own thing for a couple of months, and then focus on a fall marathon.

So, with that said: suggestions for fall marathons, anyone?  I’m thinking about Wineglass, Steamtown, or Mohawk-Hudson.  Any other great races in the Northeast worthy of consideration?


4 Responses to “Next Steps”

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ March 31, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    I would say Wineglass. I’ve heard nothing but great things from that. That being said a week off of running isn’t the worst thing in the world and if it clears up-I wouldn’t count yourself out of that full just yet. Sorry to hear the hip issue isn’t clearing up and I hope it isn’t anything too serious.

    I’ve been whale failing at recovery as well though. What other races are you doing in the near future? Are you doing the mountain goat 10 miler? I’m doing the DAR 5k in a couple weeks actually back in Onondaga Lake Park.

    • upstaterunner March 31, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

      Yeah, I mean, we’ll see what happens. It’s more of trying to take the mental pressure off, you know? I won’t rule the full out entirely but I am completely ok with doing the half instead.

      I am signed up for Skunk Cabbage half the same weekend of DAR but I don’t know if I’ll be up for a half by then so I might do DAR instead. I’ll let you know! And yeah, I’m in for Mountain Goat. You should do it!

      Sorry to hear your recovery isn’t going well. You ran a kickass half, and then chased it with some tough trail running though. It’ll all come around again 😀

      • HollieisFueledByLOLZ April 1, 2013 at 6:18 am #

        YAY, okay. We must at least count on getting lunch or something after Mountain Goat! I’m leaving Oswego permanately May 18 so we will meet up beforehand. I hope your hip feels better soon. Are you planning on cross training at all?

        • upstaterunner April 1, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

          Alright, sounds like a plan!

          I’ve been hitting the elliptical for an hour or so every day but man, it’s torturous. Gets the job done but not fun at all. I just keep telling myself I’ll be back on the road soon enough.

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