Sick Days

17 Jan

I’ve been in the grips of a nasty cold for the past few days which has left me feeling pretty ragged.  I dragged myself out for 5 slow and painful miles yesterday but other than that, I’ve basically been laying around, napping, and watching My So-Called Life on Netflix.  The highlight of my day was treating myself to a diet coke on my way to the store for more cold meds.  Enthralling.

I live a very exciting life.

I live a very exciting life.

I’ll be travelling a lot in the next few months, both for work and personal trips, so I guess I should be grateful that I’m sick now and getting it out of the way (hopefully) but I really hate being so exhausted and unproductive.  It’s weird how during the busiest of weeks, nothing sounds more appealing than lying on the couch in pajamas for a day, but when you’re actually confined to a couch … you’d rather be anywhere else.

I never posted a recap of last week’s running and this whole thing is supposed to be a nice log for me to look back on, right?  Meh.  It was kind of uninspired.  I’ve decided to lay off the speed work for this training cycle which makes for really boring run recaps.  Last cycle I tried to increase my mileage and add speed simultaneously which – shocker! – led to injury and a big fat DNF at my goal marathon.  I think I definitely have the speed to run a <3:35 based on my most recent half (1:37:xx), but I lack the endurance that comes with consistent mileage.  That, plus the fact that winter running diminishes the opportunities for regular speed work (you go ahead and run repeats on ice and slush, I’ll pass thanks) led to me deciding to focus on just building miles and adding in some informal speed when the conditions and my legs feel like it.  We’ll see how it works out.

Monday:     4.27 @ 8:46 pace.  Easy recovery run.

Tuesday:     Woke up and my hip was a little stiff.  Hit the gym for 45mins on the elliptical and an upper body weight circuit.

Wednesday:     5.43 @ 8:30 pace.  Nothing to see here.

Thursday:     6.86 @ 9:03 pace.  Hills and wind!  Tough run, but fun.

Friday:     5.52 @ 8:15 pace.  Pushed the pace a little in the middle, ran the 1st and last mile slower.

Saturday:     XT – 30mins elliptical, upper body weight circuit. 

Sunday:     13.12 @ 9:08 pace.  Hilly, comfortable pace.

Total:   ~35 miles.


One Response to “Sick Days”

  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian January 27, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    It seems like everybody’s sick right now. I think I’m coming down with something too, but kudos for still getting in some fitness!

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