Resolutions and a Recap

7 Jan

I know, I know.  I need a late pass if I’m going to talk resolutions.  To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole New Year resolution shebang.  On the one hand, I really like the feeling of a blank page, starting over, a clean slate.  It’s the same feeling that a new notebook or a new pen evokes.  It’s exciting.

On the other hand, I feel that the whole idea of “fixing” a flaw through a silly tradition is, well, silly.  I don’t think we ever get to be the perfect version of ourselves.  We’re constantly changing, adapting, becoming slightly different versions of ourselves.  But never perfect.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continually seek improvement.  I just think that quest for self-improvement should come about more organically than making resolutions because it’s ~omg NYE~ and everyone else is doing it.

That said, I hadn’t made any resolutions for this year.  Until yesterday, when I happened to run by an empty pack of cigarettes on the side of the road.

I used to smoke.  I also used to be overweight.  Those things didn’t make me a bad person, somehow desperately in need of change … but I also wasn’t really happy with myself during either phase. And that’s what led to gradual changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

I thought about this a lot during my run and realized that I’ve been kind of complacent for the past year or so.  With nothing that I strongly dislike about myself or my life currently, I’ve stopped really striving for anything better.  Don’t get me wrong – I feel very lucky to have arrived at some sort of stage in life where I can just float.  But without some sort of goal to chase, I feel a little like something is missing.  So I compromised and decided to sit down and think about some New Year’s Goals.

Goals sound so much better to me than resolutions.

Writing in a notebook is just so analog.

Writing in a notebook is just so analog.

There’s a sneak peek.  I have a bunch of work-related goals too but those are even more boring, if you can possibly imagine.

It should come as a surprise to exactly .02% of the people who have ever met me that my first goal is to qualify for Boston.  Which is why it’s nearly inexplicable that I didn’t run much over the holidays … but I did get back on the horse this week.  So here’s a stupid weekly recap.

Monday:   rest

Tuesday:   rest (totally unplanned, just being a lazy sloth)

Wednesday:   4.29 @ 8:42 pace
I shall call this my “oh crap I’m supposed to be marathon training wait why does this pace feel so hard oh crap” run.

Thursday:   5.25 – progression run
Went something like 9:09, 8:37, 8:23, 8:01, 7:42, 7:27 for the last .25
Should not have ever ever ever felt as hard as it did, balls

Friday:   5.58 @ 8:37 pace
Given yesterday’s suckfest, this felt ok.

Saturday:   5.31 with the dog
I don’t usually keep track of pace on dog-runs, because they’re always recovery runs and they tend to involve a lot of stop and sniff breaks.

Sunday:   10.05 @ 8:48
Meh.  Decent pace considering the hills and wind.  I’ll live with it.  Running by the lake is always nice.

It'd be prettier if it wasn't so ... grey.

It’d be prettier if it wasn’t so … grey.

Total:   Just over 30 for the week.


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