Welcome, Winter

23 Dec

My least favorite season has begun, and started off in the typical fashion with a huge winter storm.  Tangent: Winter Storm Draco?  Really, weather.com?  What is your penchant for naming every random weather system that moves across the US?  I can’t wait for Light Breeze Lila and Spring Thaw Sally.

Anyway.  The real point of this post was to complain about the snow and the cold, and to re-cap week 1 of marathon training.  So, let’s get to it.

Monday: I had intended to get out for 5-6ish miles at lunch, but a conference call that ran until 12:40 busted up those plans.  Then, the afternoon brought some unexpected news worthy of celebration (promotion! woohoo! #notsohumblebrag) and I decided the only post-work destination would be the liquor store for a bottle of champagne.  Sprung for the $14 bottle instead of the typical $7 Cooks … fancy living over here.

My Christmas candle holder says hi.

My Christmas candle holder says hi.

Now, to purchase some actual champagne flutes …

Tuesday: Back on the wagon. 6.43 miles @ 8:10 avg pace.

Wednesday: 6.18 miles @ 8:18 avg pace. Slightly windy run, started to wonder about upcoming weather.  Looked up the forecast when I got back to the desk and found this:



Thursday: Prepared for the aforementioned 44* and partly sunny.  Turned out to be more like 35* and extremely windy.  5.55 miles @ 8:21 avg pace.

Friday: Played the total wuss card and went to the gym.  My legs were feeling a little cranky and I wanted to control the pace and just cruise.  5 miles @ 9:40 avg pace.

Saturday: Rest.  Although I did shovel my driveway and that’s probably one of the best arms/chest/back workouts ever.

Sunday: 10 miles @ 8:43 avg pace.  Unremarkable, other than to say I hate running on slushy roads.

Total: ~33 miles for the week.

1 down, 11 to go.


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