Hello, world.

25 Nov

So, this is weird.

I’m kind of shy.  Don’t like to have an “internet presence” even on facebook among my real life friends.  Even the word ‘blog’ makes me cringe.  But, here I am.

I’ll explain in greater detail later.  The important parts are these: I used to be overweight (not obese, but at a point where my doctor expressed concern), I’ve always hated “exercise,” I’m not hugely disciplined, but for whatever reason – I’ve fallen in love with running.

Running helped me lose weight, but more importantly, running helped me regain some sanity. I’ve always kind of just done whatever, whenever – and that’s worked so far.  But I managed to run a fast (by my standards) half marathon this fall, and I’m left wondering what I could do if I really focused.

If I’m anything, I’m inconsistent.  My 1:37:xx half happened after weeks of 39 miles one week, 10 miles the next, rinse, repeat.  It’s not shocking that I ended up with some crazy tendinitis a few weeks before my goal marathon.  It’s not shocking that I earned a big, fat DNF.  I have no one to blame but myself, and that’s mostly what makes it so bitter.

I want an outlet to talk about running and training and goals.

I want to have a sense of accountability.  I hate hate hate even typing that but the fact is this – I’ve never been a dedicated athlete.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that none of my close friends are dedicated athletes.  So, when I’m pissing and moaning about a slow ass 12 mile run that was supposed to be 18 – all I get are “holy eff you ran how far? and you’re mad about it? shut your face and drink this beer.”  Which, isn’t terrible.  I love my friends.  And drinking beer.  But – go back to accountability.  If I’m faking it through a marathon training cycle, I’d like to have a written account to look back on to solidify my “duh, you big fat idiot” impression of myself.

So.  Here I am.

This will be interesting.


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